Residents bemoan 50 year old Abandoned Oke-Alaafia Road

Some residents of Oke-Alaafia, Irojo in Ilesa East Local Government Area of Osun State have lamented the current state of the road in the area.

The road which is in a deplorable state links several streets to Sabo Expressway.

The deplorable condition of the road on both sides has caused hardship to commuters.

A community leader Mr Sunday Akindele, appealed to Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke and Critical stakeholders to remember the area and repair the road.

Sunday told IjesaNews on Monday, “The government should help us fix this place. When we moved in 50 years ago, the road was not this bad “We’re now experiencing hardship.

“ Also, the cost of transportation is now too much because of the road. Roundabout to Oke Alaafia is like N150, 200, it’s now N300 or 400 depending your destination if you’re going to Oke Alaafia”

Another resident, Omojola Adebimpe, said some of the commercial motorcyclists usually avoided the area whenever it rained.

Adebimpe said, “Even if they will take you there, they will charge higher because of the road.

“By the time you come down from the bike, you’re already having pains from the gallops. It’s sad. It’s been like this for years and it’s getting worse.”

A bike man, who spoke on the condition of anonymity blamed the cost of transportation on the bad road and fuel prices .

“I don’t like plying Oke-Alaafia. So, if you cannot pay me the amount I charge, I prefer to stay because the road is not even encouraging. It damages our bikes. Fuel price is now costly too.”

A landlord who resides in the community, Adewole Ogunkanmi said he had been living there for a long time, stating that erosion, bad roads and cult clashes were the challenges facing the community.

He said, “Erosion has ravaged the whole area. It could have been more developed than this. You can see how bad the roads are. I don’t actually see the presence of the government here.

“There’s also the issue of these incessant cult boys fighting resulting to loss of innocent lives, This place used to be a beehive of economic activities and development before but not anymore due to the challenges facing us now”

He said In spite of promises of dividends of democracy by politicians to the people during election campaigns, The area still lack basic infrastructure, including good roads saying the road has already been neglected by previous governments in Osun.

“They come to us during the campaign time to seek our votes but we find it difficult to see them when we have issues like this, the last time we had something good in this area was when Baba Oyinlola commissioned our transformer many years ago, since then no sign of governance in this area “

Many commuters were seen having a tough time on the road as they moved right and left to avoid the marshy parts and potholes.

The residents who described the road as difficult to drive through during rainy period, however disclosed that for over 50years, it has been neglected by successive administrations of the state, adding that several appeals for palliative measures have fallen on deaf ears.

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  1. I thought they said Aregbesola has turned Ilesha into a semi London.
    We like deceiving ourselves instead of speaking the truth to power!

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