Foremost Ijesa Society Egbe Atunluse Ile Ijesa Commends Owa’s Decision on Exploitative Activities of Traders’ Associations

Egbe Atunluse Ile Ijesa (Ijesa Improvement Society), the leading organization in Ijesaland, has praised the Owa Obokun and Paramount Ruler of Ijesaland, Oba Dr. Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran II, for addressing the concerns of the masses regarding the excesses of trade union leaders in the region.

The Egbe Atunluse, in a statement signed by Public Relations Officer Prince Isaac Haastrup and President Professor Olu Obi, lauded Oba Adekunle Aromolaran’s decisive action against the repressive regulations imposed by trade unions on traders.

The society called for the stringent enforcement of the Oba’s directive, which aims to liberate small and medium-sized business owners from union-imposed restrictions that prevent them from setting their own prices for goods and services.

To promote an egalitarian society, the statement urged the police and other law enforcement agencies to uphold the paramount ruler’s directive on trade unions. It also encouraged those affected by union harassment to report such incidents to the police or the palace for justice.

The Egbe Atunluse emphasized that trade union leaders in Ijesaland should stop coercing traders and business owners into joining unions and adhere to the constitution of the Federal Republic, which guarantees the freedom to form or join any group.

Additionally, the society urged the Owa in council and the Osun State Government to prohibit open grazing and free-range animal ownership in Ilesa city and its surrounding areas.

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