Owa Obokun Bans Forced Association Membership for Traders and Artisans in Ijesaland to Curb Price Hikes

The Owa Obokun Adimula, Oba Adekunle Aromolaran II, the paramount ruler of Ijesaland, has announced a ban on the compulsory membership of traders and artisans in associations within Ijesaland.

This decision aims to mitigate the rising prices of goods and services.

The prohibition specifically targets markets such as Atakumosa and Sabo-Irojo Monday Market in Ilesa, allowing legal traders from various communities, towns, or states to conduct their business freely without being coerced into joining any associations.

Oba Aromolaran communicated this directive through a radio broadcast, which also outlined that traders or artisans who feel threatened while operating in Ilesa should report to high chiefs, community leaders, or security agents.

This initiative was adopted following discussions with the Owa Obokun, his high chiefs, and major stakeholders, reflecting a broader effort to foster a more open and competitive market environment in Ijesaland.

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