Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) Convenes Meeting With Critical Stakeholders & Development Practitioners on Ijesaland Community Development

The Ijesaland Community Development Association (ICDA) on Thursday 18th April, 2024 organized a strategic stakeholders meeting for the purpose of harnessing, synergizing, and sharing experiences on development matters in Ijesaland.

The meeting which was hosted by Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi, Asiwaju of Ijesaland at his Adebayo Abon, Imo, Ilesa. Oke Baba Okuta Villa, had in attendance key stakeholders, such as Chairmen of the 12 LGAs in Ijesaland; High Ranking Traditional Rulers from Ijesa North Traditional Council; Ijesa South Traditional Council, and Ijesa Central.

Also in attendance were Pan-Ijesa Societies Presidents such as the Chairman of Ijesa Elders Forum, Chief Akin Akinola; President of Egbe Atunluse Ile-Ijesa, Prof Olu Obi; President of Coalition of Ijesa Societies, Dr Adigun Adewoye; Leadership of Ijesa Youth Forum, Youth leadership; and some specially invited Development Practitioners such as Leventis Foundation School; Ijesaland Geriatric Center; RLG; National Health Insurance Authority; Communitywide Foodbank; and their respective representatives.

The primary aim of the meeting was to address and resolve issues bordering on self- development, security and related issues, commerce, industry, and infrastructure, mining activities and environmental security, agriculture and food security, health services and water, youth development and employment.

In his welcome address, Asiwaju Fasuyi expressed his hope that fruitful resolutions would be reached in the course of the meeting as he called for active participation of everyone in tandem with the shared commitment of building a resilient and strong community that depicts the greater dream of Ijesaland.

“Rather than pursue the mission of developing Ijesaland individually and independently, we stand to benefit massively and with greater dividends and implementations to germane development issues in Ijesaland.” Asiwaju Fasuyi said

Find full details of the communiquè below:

Communiquè Issued After Stakeholders Meeting on Ijesa Community Development held on Thursday 18th April, 2024 at the residence of Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi, Oke Baba Okuta Villa, Ilesa, Osun State.

The essence of the gathering was to discuss issues relating synergy for self development, security, commerce, industry, mining activities, agriculture and food security education, health services, provision of potable water as well as youth development and employment in Ijesaland.

Here are highlights of the discussion:


Challenges relating to mining was raised

Most contributors talked of neglect by the mining companies

Threats posed by shoreline was highlighted at the University of Ilesa
Issues relating to consent letter was raised by Special Adviser to Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State on Mining and Solid Minerals, Prof. Lukman Jimoda.

It was resolved that there should be a policy plan for Osun State on mining of minerals

Need for a standard template reflecting peculiarities of CDAs

The template was in existence but it was jettisoned by the CDAs

Communitywide Foodbank did a presentation of the vision, mission and agenda

It expressed the need to ensure food security in Ijesaland

The Managing Director of CommunityWide Foodbank; Mr Johnson Farotimi expressed that the organization was passionate about the UN Sustainable Development Goals which aimed to reduce poverty ensure zero hunger and provide good health and well being for people.

He added that the primary service offered by foodbank is food distribution to those in need, especially who are at higher risk of food insecurity

As an integral part of the social safety net, providing essential support to individuals and families who are struggling to put food on the table, the CommunityWide Foodbank provided food materials to sixty two Ijesa indigenes through the connection of the Ijesa Community Development Assembly led by Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi.

The Managing Director added that asides from providing food to the need, they also build human capacity in the area of ICT for youths, in order to be self employed and reduce poverty.

According to him, opportunity is available for youths to study ICT particularly to be trained in cybersecurity, data science, and IT Fundamentals through CommunityWide Foodbank

It was advised that each LG Chairman should established an ICT hub in their community
Leverage on opportunities by government to empower youth from all LGAs


Support for food security in Ijesaland presentation was done by the Dr. Muhideen Popoola, the Principal Leventis Agricultural Training School, Ilesa

According to him, he noted that the recent partnership between Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) and Leventis Foundation Agricultural Training School, Imo, Ilesa, the school has the mandate to attract Ijesa youths into agriculture as well as train and support them in Agripreneurship in order to adopt improved, eco-friendly farming practices, and technology aimed at reducing drudgery while increasing the national food/fibre basket and ensuring enhanced sustainable livelihood for the farming families.

Dr. Muhideen Popoola added that the school has been mandated to establish agricultural market in Ilesa where Ijesa indigens can access fresh and quality agricultural produce at a reduced price to ensure food security. According to him, he said food can only be secured when households have access to safe and nutritious food that meets their needs and preferences


RLG presentation through the Chairman of the RLG; Alh Rasak Animasahun highlighted various opportunities available for youths to become self employed through ICT.

The Chairman highlighted the need for Ijesa indigenes to enroll for a three months training in his establishment, where youths will be empowered with ICT skills such as mobile phone repairs, computer repairs and digital set-top box assembling.

The Chairman, RLG further expantiated that training youths in Information and Communications Technology is no doubt have great impact on the State positively especially in the area of socio-economic development

The RLG Chairman expressed that through his discussion with Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA), the organization is willing to provide free ICT training to 100 youths in Ijesaland, as a means to give back to his immediate community and assist the youths in making them self-dependent, employed and reduce poverty.

In his remark, the Chairman of Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA); Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi expressed that Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) would be making provision to pay N10,000 as monthly stipend to each Ijesa indigene who enrols for the ICT training through the three months period.

As part of the exit strategy outlined for the students after the completion of their training at RLG, Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) through the Chairman; Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi pledged to purchase tools for each student, as a means of mobilizing and empowering the youth through job creation in applied ICT, in order to promote sustainable national growth and socio-economic development.

The plan to procure technical tools was moved during the meeting by , Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) through the Chairman; Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi, who raised fund for procurement of technical tools for 45 students at a cost of NGN100,000 per set of technical tool. The donations were made as follows:

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi donated 10 technical tools, Yeye Asiwaju Dr. Olubisi Fasuyi, Yeye Asiwaju of Ijesaland donated 10 technical tools, Chairman of Communitywide Foodbank donated 10 technical tools, Chairman RLG Adulawo donated 10 technical tools while his Managing Director donated 5 technical tools to make up 45 technical tools in which fund was raised for.

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi made it known during the meeting that next ICDA intervention is on ICT and since RLG Adulawo has already be preparing to take up this assignment

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi therefore encouraged all the Traditional rulers in Ijesaland to ensure that their youths participate in the intervention programme Health Services

The delivery of the state of the art medical equipment to Ijesaland Geriatric Centre (IGC) was confirmed in a statement by the Asiwaju of Ijesaland, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi during the ICDA’s Stakeholders Meeting on Ijesa Community Development.

He noted that the equipment has been built with ailments diagnosis infrastructure which will further compliment and enhance the chances of the IGC Patients from benefiting from the medical diagnosis, analysis, and opinions of other medical experts around the world.

However, the Head of Unit, Ijesaland Geriatric Centric, Dr. Ladi Fakoya noted that the patients are likely to increasingly turning to risky and harmful alternatives as the cost of medications spike, posing serious threats to public health.

Dr. Fakoya in his contribution, explained that patients who come to the Ijesalnd Geriatric Centre (IGC) for treatment are unable to afford conventional treatments, many individuals are resorting to substandard or counterfeit drugs, risking ineffective treatment outcomes or even harmful consequences; he therefore suggested the need for Health Insurance Scheme to cater for the health needs of the patients

National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA)

Sensitization on Health Insurance Scheme was presented by Mr. Olawoye and Dr. Adeyemi

According to both speakers, Health Insurance Scheme will enable patients to access medical care at low cost.

The Health Insurance covers outpatients’ clinic, surgery, mental health diagnosis, emergency care, dental care, mental health consultation and medical laboratory test.

According to Dr. Adeyemi, the enrollee would have no reason to pay for the consultation fee at IGC the momemt they are enrolled into the health insurance scheme, however enrollee pays for 10 percent cost of medications and also pays 50 percent cost for diagnosis which involve CT scan, and MRI.

As a means of meeting the needs of Ijesa people, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi, Asiwaju of Ijesa land led the traditional rulers and other Ijesa compatriots during the ICDA’s stakeholders meeting on Ijesa community development to pledge for health insurance premium fee for 350 Ijesa indigenes at a cost of NGN 15,000 per patient.

Traditional Rulers in attendance included the President Ijesa North Traditional Council, HRM Oba Akeem Ogungbangbe, Owaloko of Iloko-Ijesa, the President Ijesa South Traditional Council, HRM Oba Omokehinde Oyebade Samson Oyeleye, Ogboni of Ipole-Ijesa, HRM Oba Engr. Oluremi Agunsoye the Elegboro of Ijebujesa, HRM Oba Festus Awogboro, Alademure of Ibokun, HRM Oba Olusade Agboluaje, Oloja of Ibodi-Ijesa, HRM Oba Ademola Adeyemi the Owamiran of Esa-Oke, HRM Oba Adebayo Faforiji, Alamuye of Amuye Faforiji-Ijesa, HRM Oba Olajide Loye and Arojo of Irojo, Oba Olusegun Akeju.

Also in attendance were High Chief Bola Orolugbagbe, Odole of Ilesa, High Chief Ogunyemi Omoniyi, lejoka of Ijoka, High Chief Mrs. Bolanle Ojo, Yeyerise of Ilesa, Chief Dr. Mrs. Olubisi Fasuyi, Yeye-Asiwaju of Ijesaland.
Twelve Chairmen of all Ijesaland Local Government Areas were also in attendance such as; Hon Adediran Adewumi, Atakunmosa East LG, Hon Alade Ibironke of Atakunmosa East Central LCDA, Hon Dada Ajibola, Atakunmosa West LG, Hon Rasaq Bello- Atakunmosa West Central LCDA, Hon Ilesanmi, Ilesa East LG, Hon Ogedengbe Olufunso, Ilesa East North LCDA, Hon Oladiti Aluko, Ilesa West LG, Hon Wahab-Collins Arewa, Ilesa West Central LCDA, Hon Adeyekun Taiwo, Oriade L.G, Hon Asaju Ademola, Oriade South- Hon Adeoti Adekunle, LCDA, Obokun East LCDA and -Hon Agboola Olajire,

Development Practitioners such as Leventis Foundation School; Ijesaland Geriatric Center; RLG; National Health Insurance Authority; Communitywide Foodbank; and their respective representatives.
Pan-Ijesa Societies Presidents in attendance such as the Chairman of Ijesa Elders Forum, Chief Akin Akinola; President of Egbe Atunluse Ile-Ijesa, Prof Olu Obi; President of Coalition of Ijesa Societies, Dr Adigun Adewoye; Leadership of Ijesa Youth Forum, etc.
Members of Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) such as Prince Lowo Adebiyi; Chief Afolabi Igbaroola; Alagba Wale Idowu; Alagba Akinloye Ajayi-Obe; Chief Mrs Jumoke Olafadehan; Chief Akin Olatunbosun and Mr. Bukola Fadipe.
General Community Representatives such as Engr Femi Olojo, Alagba Akin Tomori, Mrs Familusi, etc.

The meeting also moved the motion that because of the importance of this all-stakeholders gathering to discuss and harness thoughts on sustainable development in Ijesaland, the Oloja of Ibodi-Ijesa, HRM Oba Omisade Agboluaje moved the motion that the meeting be held quarterly. The motion that was popularly adopted by all in attendance was formally seconded by the Elegboro of Ijebu-jesa, Oba Moses Olufemi Agunsoye.


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