Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA), Leventis Foundation Nigeria: N20M COUNTERPART FUND IS READY

Late evening of Thursday, 15th February 2024, the news was broken to Ijesa Community on the successful deal brokered by Ijesa Community Development Assembly (ICDA) to partner with Leventis Foundation Nigeria in training 100 Indegenes of Ijesa origin in a comprehensive 1-year market-driven hands-on agricultural courses at her Agricultural Training School in Imo, Ilesa.

It is salutary to mention that according to Leventis Foundation Nigeria, this is the first time the organisation shall be entering into a direct partnership with any Community Organisation whatsoever in Nigeria. So, this marks a fundamental shift in its operational model.

An important part of the terms and conditions in the partnership agreement is for ICDA to pay a generously discounted counterpart fund of N20,000,000 (Twenty Million Naira) only for the one year course.

In return for this amount, Leventis Foundation shall enrol 100 Students of Ijesa origin, train them; accommodate and feed them; and pay monthly stipends to the students.

We are glad to announce that we now have in our kitty the full sum of N20,000,000 to honour our first contractual obligation in the partnership to Leventis Foundation Nigeria, courtesy of 19 revered Ijesa Compatriots who have sacrificed their hard-earned resources to empower and bequeath to our Youths from the six LGAs in Ijesaland a productive and promising future.

The prospective scholars should consider themselves very lucky as they are tapping into this great opportunity at the period when the country is going through food insecurity thereby providing them the enabling environment for their respective agrienterprise to blossom in record time.

Our prayer is that the Almighty God shall continually cause His mercy, favor, grace, and blessings on all the endeavours of these eminent 19 Ijesa Compatriots who have succeeded in opening a new chapter of cultivating and building a new stock of future leaders and entrepreneurs through their selfless investment in the human capital development of our Youths in Ijesaland.

As you are aware, the entrance exams to the Leventis Foundation School holds this Saturday, 24th February 2024 at the school premises from 8am.

The top management of Leventis Foundation Nigeria are almost done with the review of the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) forwarded to it by ICDA.

We are hoping to execute the MoU before the end of February 2024 and thereafter pay the ICDA Counterpart funding which to the glory of God is now ready.

Meanwhile, the ICDA Chairman, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi has reached out to 74 of our Royal Fathers in Ijesaland who are assiduously supporting in mobilising their respective wards towards participating in this programme.

We shall be keeping Ijesa Stakeholders updated with developments.

Obokun a gbe a, O!

Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi,
Oke Baba Okuta Villa, Ilesa.
20th February, 2024.

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