Identifying Corrupt Eggs in Nigeria Immigration Service: Experience at Ilesa Passport Office

Despite the efforts of the Federal Government under the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu particularly the Ministry of Interior to make passport issuance seamless for Nigerians, Officials of the Ministry are trying to frustrate the efforts of government.

If not for the intervention of Immigration complaints email and number which the Interior minister Honourable Tunji Ojo shared to the public, A case of bribe and slow issuance of passport would have occurred.

If Nigeria wants to fight evil, it requires the efforts of all and sundry. IjesaNews has discovered an experience shared by a Concerned Nigerian at Ilesa Passport Office located at Iyemogun very close to Ilesa East Local Government Secretariat, Ilesa Osun State.

Below is his experience:

This is true incident confirmed directly from the concerned individual

I would like to share my experience at the Ilesha passport office with everyone here. I applied online on the 20th October and was given an appointment on the 23rd October to capture my biodata at the Ilesha office. From the gate I was asked by the security men if I had an agent or if I applied online. I saw them exchange looks when I answered that I applied online but I waited and had my data captured. When I was leaving the officers again asked me if I had an agent and I said no. On Thursday Nov 16 roughly more than 3 weeks after the date of capture I got a disturbing phone call from the officer I spoke to before I left saying there was a problem with my application and that my image I.e passport image was missing. I was surprised as in all my years of applying for a passport my details have never been declared missing before. I immediately suspected sabotage. Nobody there was able to give me an answer. I realised that they wanted to frustrate me so I would offer a bribe. At this point I told them the almighty Allah who I worship would solve the problem. I left the office sad and angry but resolute. I resolved not to pay a bribe and that I would complain. First the new minister of state has ordered the immigration service to clear the backlog yet here were the entire system in Ilesha full of people with no milk of human kindness. At this point I remembered there is an immigration complaints email and number which the minister shared with the public. I called the number at 10.20am yesterday the 17th November a day after the sabotage attempt. The officer who picked up the phone was courteous and explained to me that they know that the system is full of corrupt eggs. She took my details and said I should relax. By 4.45 pm I got a phone call from her saying my passport was ready. By 4.50 the Ilesha immigration centre official called me as well and said I should come in on Monday to pick up my passport. The reason I’m sharing this is to implore us. We must help this government fight evil. If I didn’t call this number I wouldn’t have received help. Its obvious that we the people of this country have in our midst evil greedy government officials who are trying to frustrate the process. If anyone has a problem please go online and use the complaints procedure.

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