Revitalizing Iwude-Ijesa: Uniting Tradition and Progress through Egbes

About a decade ago, Ojude Oba was not as glamorous as it is now. It is the sons and daughters of Ijebu who are the key contributors to what it is today.

As we strive to enrich our cultural heritage in Ijesaland, the Iwude-Ijesa Festival stands out as a symbol of unity and progress. Inspired by the success of Ojude Oba, we can emulate and surpass their achievements while maintaining our unique identity. The formation of age-groups, or Egbes, is a bold step towards this goal.

The initiatives of having Egbe(s) are not to limit the funfare of the grand finale of Iwude-Ijesa Festival but aim to:

  1. Rekindle love and unity amongst people of different age brackets from every part of Ijesaland.
  2. Add value to the festival for global recognition.
  3. Serve as a platform for connecting members of each group to joining already established indigenous societies.
  4. Boost the socio-economy of Ijesaland before, during, and after the Festival.
  5. Create bonds and brotherly love amongst Ijesas worldwide.
  6. Promote cultural experience for youth and adults.
  7. Support local businesses and artisans through sponsorships and partnerships.
  8. Organize community development projects, such as educational initiatives and healthcare services before, during, and after the Iwude-Ijesa Festival.
  9. Foster collaboration with international organizations to enhance the festival’s global appeal.
  10. Preserve and document Ijesa history and traditions for future generations.

By embracing the Egbes and their innovative ideas, we can revitalize the Iwude-Ijesa Festival, making it a global phenomenon that showcases the beauty and richness of Ijesa culture. Let us celebrate our cultural heritage and progress together.

Fundraising and Charity (CSR)
In addition to the above objectives, each Egbe should undertake specific fundraising and charity projects aimed at giving back to the community. These projects can include:

  • Educational Scholarships: Provide scholarships to underprivileged students in Ijesaland to support their education.
  • Healthcare Initiatives: Fund health camps, vaccination drives, and support local healthcare facilities.
  • Infrastructure Development: Contribute to the construction and maintenance of public amenities such as parks, libraries, and community centers.
  • Environmental Conservation: Initiate and support projects aimed at environmental sustainability, such as tree planting campaigns and waste management programs.
  • Skill Development Workshops: Organize workshops to impart vocational skills to the youth, aiding in their employment and self-sufficiency.
  • Support for the Elderly: Establish programs to assist the elderly with healthcare, social activities, and daily necessities.

By incorporating these fundraising and charitable activities, the Egbes will not only contribute to the socio-economic development of Ijesaland but also foster a spirit of giving and community service among the people.

Instance: Egbe Bobasola Adimula Ijesaland led by its President Yeye Bola Lufadeju

Egbe Bobasola Adimula Ijesaland led by its President Yeye Bola Lufadeju

May God Bless Ijesaland, Osun State, and Nigeria.

Piece put together by Bobaseye Akinyemi Fashakin, Omooba Sunday Adewusi and Yeye Bola Lufadeju


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