Professors Without Borders Introduces Innovative Development Programme at University of Lagos

Professors Without Borders (Prowibo) is launching a transformative programme at the University of Lagos from July 15-19, 2024.

This initiative aims to develop leadership skills, enhance critical thinking, and support sustainable practices relevant to the digital era.

By providing participants with essential resources, the programme seeks to address complex societal challenges, introduce emerging digital and economic trends, and foster a commitment to building a sustainable global community.

In collaboration with the University of Lagos, the programme will feature three on-site volunteers and offer three comprehensive courses: Finance for Africa, Teaching and Career Development for Academics in the 21st Century, and Financial Literacy.

These courses are designed to offer a holistic learning experience, equipping participants for success in their fields and enabling them to make positive impacts on their communities.

The University of Lagos (UNILAG), a prestigious Nigerian institution, offers transformative growth opportunities, equipping learners with essential skills and knowledge.

This marks Prowibo’s third engagement in Lagos, reaffirming their commitment to empowering future leaders.

Participants will include a diverse group of undergraduate students and faculty members from various academic disciplines, with courses tailored to address key areas for personal and professional development.

The “Teaching and Career Development in the 21st Century” course will emphasize eLearning and modern pedagogy, exploring eLearning apps, web platforms, universal design principles, and the flipped classroom approach.

The “Finance for Africa” course will examine Nigeria’s economy in a global context, addressing resource utilization, infrastructure development, and human capital training.

The “Financial Literacy” course will cover budgets, personal finance, assets, debt, and investing, essential for sound decision-making, given that 71% of Nigerian adults lack financial knowledge.

The programme will feature experts such as Charlie Dove-Edwin, an associate professor and former investment banker; Bob Eckhart, a Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor; and Yetunde Odunsi, an experienced educator and management consultant.

Their collective expertise ensures a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for all participants.

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