Adewusi: Celebrating a Quintessential Ijesa Leader and Silent Achiever

If you’ve heard of Sunday Adewusi, it would be association with great things: Veteran Journalist, Businessman, philanthropy.

And he excelled, and still excelling, in all.

He has made his mark anywhere he worked and on any project he takes on.

When you have consistently lived a life of influence and positive impact on your immediate society , it comes without a doubt, that when you celebrate your birth anniversary, there would be several celebrations in honour of you. Such is the case for the truly inspiring and graceful Sunday Adewusi.

Let us take you through the life journey of this Icon…….Life is never a bed of roses, through thick and thin, Little Sunday has grown through barriers and hurdles to a full-fledged man of many worlds.

Adewusi is a man given to service to mankind, he has given so much of himself to community development and cooperative efforts among his sisters and brothers both at home and in diaspora. Sometimes he has done this to his own disadvantage yet he never looks back as much as it will better the lot of someone.

His exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled him to integrate with his colleagues and clients developing valuable friendships across borders.

Sunday Adewusi is an honest,polite and dependable individual, well motivated and able to work on own initiative or as supportive team member. Hardworking and conscientious, he combined with a sense of humour and a friendly approach to issues of life. Has gained a variety of administrative skills and can work effectively alone or as part of team.

Mr Sunday Adewusi a simple but highly cosmopolitan figure hails from Ilesa.

He has gotten several handshakes across Ijesaland,Yorubaland and Nigeria as an entity. He is a serial man of service. He has garnered vast experience in communal services and Community development efforts, a quite achiever who does not make noise.

He has humble beginning in life; this has been the spark moment of his life that makes him have empathy for those who are experiencing same while growing up. Despite the early taste tough childhood, he never reneges on his pledge to make his world better than he met it. He always looks for ways and manner to make life easy especially for those who are less-privileged around him. He has broken through many odds to put himself in the forefront of those that are making ljesaland,Osun and Nigeria envy of all across the globe.

Adewusi is not rich but has wealthy resource of ideas which radiate his world in so many numbers of ways!

Providence has been good to him too. Hardwork, perseverance and faith in God have been the cardinal virtues that spurn him on in life!

He never relaxes on simple achievement yet striving to make the very next call to get results while facing challenges about issues in life. Sunday struck through many obstacles to become prominent among his old and young colleagues, and his adventure as a trust-worthy hard-working man earned him member, lnstitute of London among other professionals.

Upon his arrival in England and realizing the situation on the ground with the Yorubas and most especially the Ijesa people with little or almost non-affinity, he decided to put all his experience into use by parleying ijesa people together, towards a common cause of celebrating one another and developing our land.

In 2008, Sunday Adewusi with the innate burning urge and passionate love for his Ijesa nationhood deemed it fit to unite 16 clubs and societies of Ijesa decent in the UK to celebrate their cultural values, share progress-driven ideas and to raise money towards the building of one of ijesaland pride,and amusement Centre tagged IJESA YOUTH DEVELOPMENT CENTRE that will attract sons and daughters in their quest to become both national, Osun and local Ijesa heroes.

He helped in communicating and participating in their programmes and basically he initiated and introduced a project with the focus of empowering Ijesa youths in Nigeria to not only improve and develop, and but also to foster unity among the Ijesa communities. He wanted Ijesaland to be the focal point within the communities in Osun state and Nigeria as an entity. H

e cherishes meaningful impacts in politics, economy and social welfares for Ijesa People.  

He was very concerned about the social amenities in Ijesaland in Nigeria.

He decided that combined efforts by Ijesa people will be better than just one going it solo!

He believes in collaboration and synergy of purpose, as a requisite, he began to create common enabling environment within his brothers and sisters, to foster unity among Ijesa communities. In all these, he always sacrifices self to getting others involved in the process and project, thereby sharing the credits and being ready at all times to take the blame! Sunday is a bridge-builder! This does not mean ,he has not gotten his fair share of challenges, he never bulge or falter when challenges come, rather he uses it as stepping-stone to get to the next horizon.

He always relishes his childhood experience of what he used to know as Sport Centre in Ilesa where he was born which has now degenerated so badly with no facilities for the youths to use.

He has taken the dream to a greater dimension as visioneer ,co-opting many into the cause and being always ready to allow better hand to handle issues as they deem fit as long as it does not negate the founding ethics and tenets!

Mr. Adewusi with support from other Ijesa indigenes in UK organized the first Ijesa Day Celebrations,London in 2009 to 2014 and from 2015 – 2019 in Lagos.

He has remained a significant member of Ijesa communities in UK.

He birthed and initiated Ijesa Youth Development Foundation project which was well received among Ijesa people.

This has not only brought him closer to other Ijesas at home and in the Diaspora but has also fired the urge in him to see this to fruition.

He has worked so hard,synergizing with other Ijesa sons and daughters who share same dream to make the Ijesa Youth Development Centre close to reality.

Mr. Adewusi has served in several capacities among which are the following:

1. Initiated Ijesa Day Celebration in UK since 2009 and Vice Chairman/Co-coordinator since then.

2. Social Secretary, Osun State Union, UK and Ireland (2010-2012).

3. Treasurer; Osun State Union; UK and Ireland from 2012 till 2015.

4.Representative of Osun State Union in CANUK at every CANUK meeting at the Nigerian High Commission, Northumberland, London since 2010.

5. Vice Chairman/Founder/Co-ordinator, Ijesa Youth Development Foundation since 2009.

6. Secretary, Omo Oodua Day, London 2010.7. Initiator/Ijesa delegates with Gov. Rauf Aregbesola when he visited London in London 2011.

8. Initiated and co-ordinated the Celebration Dance with Tolu Obey on the bandstand for Gov. Rauf Aregbesola 2011 in conjunction with Omo Oodua TV, Naija 101.1 FM, IjesaNews, etc.

9. He is a member of Afenifere Group UK.

10. He was elected Vice President Osun State Union U K & Ireland 2015 to Date11.

He is the Publisher of Ijesa news.

12. He is the president of ljesa Union UK & Ireland,Uk

Adewusi also belongs to many other Local and Professional bodiesSunday (as he is popularly known) is highly respected and highly transparent.

He has the dedication and tenacity to take the development to another level from where he might have picked it up.

He attended St.Lawrence,s Grammar School,Ilesa 1978-1983

Institute of Journalism 1993-1995

London of Business and Management 2015-2016

Arden University,UK 2017-2019

Mr Adewusi is also into charity and he has supported many homes and individuals .

Mr Adewusi has sponsored and collaborated with uniq FM,ilesa on yearly Xmas Carol to celebrate Jesus .

He sponsored the yearly Iwude Ijesa table tennis competition and yearly Xmas carol between ijesa news/praise factor and uniq 103.1 fm and Freedom Television IlesaHe has attended many courses, trainings, conferences and workshops in both national and international in all the areas of endeavour

He is the CEO of Highess Limited and Highess UK Limited

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